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Frequently Asked Questions


What are DipyEye Drops?

DipyEye contains an ultra-low dose of dipyridamole which has been used by tens of millions of people for close to 60 years for treating angina and preventing recurrence of strokes. DipyEye does not suppress the immune system and is considered so safe that if can even be used during pregnancy.

DipyEye drops are a new way of using dipyridamole, for various eye conditions described below. The concentration of dipyridamole in these eye drops is very low--it amounts to approximately 4 micrograms per drop - or 0.0004% (1/25,000th) of the daily oral dose.

DipyEye drops were developed by Israeli researchers, and are manufactured in Israel under license exclusively for Ella Distribution Pte Ltd.

What are DipyEye Drops good for?

DipyEye drops are being investigated for a number of different eye disorders, and have so far been found to be helpful for several conditions in non-formal trials. These conditions include:

  • Dry eye disease
  • Pinguecula
  • Pterygium
  • Cataract
  • Conjunctival melanocytic nevus
  • MGD
  • Blepharitis
  • Conjunctivitis

Are the drops approved by the FDA?

Since the dose of dipyridamole in these eye drops is very small, it falls into the classification of a “dilute homeopathic formulation” that does not require FDA approval in many countries. It is still unknown if these drops will ever undergo formal FDA approval, as this is a very expensive process that requires tens of millions of dollars to achieve.

Do I need a physician's prescription to order the drops?

A prescription is not needed. However, by ordering on this site you confirm that you are receiving medical guidance for your eye condition (if needed) and will discuss the use of DipyEye with your healthcare provider.

Are the drops preservative-free?

Yes. The eye drops do not contain any preservative.

How long will it be until I see any benefit?

If the drops work for you, you should see and/or feel an alleviation of your symptoms fairly rapidly. However, the more severe your condition, the more time it may take. To see a reduction in pterygium, pinguecula, cataract and nevus, continuous use of the drops will be necessary (possibly as long as 6 – 15 months). Secondary dry eye symptoms associated with these conditions (inflammation, dry eye, grittiness, and irritation) have generally responded in days to weeks.


Are the drops safe to use?

The concentration of dipyridamole in these eye drops is very low--it amounts to 0.0004% (1/25,000th - 1/50,000th) of the daily oral dose. In one previous study in humans, these drops were safely used in concentrations 60 x higher than those in DipyEye. No toxic effects were observed. DipyEye effect is limited to the eye, and is considered safe to use during pregnancy. DipyEye has also been used safely in children.

Are the drops sterile?

Yes. DipyEye drops have been sterilized in accordance with pharmacopoeia standards and prepared under sterile conditions.

Are there known side effects?

DipyEye is a very safe eye drop. Side effects other than some rare cases of stinging upon application to the eye have not been seen. Stinging may occur more frequently when the drops are cold. If it occurs, wait 15 - 20 minutes after removing from refrigerator before applying.

How can discomfort from applying the drops be reduced or avoided?

To reduce or avoid discomfort, wait for the drops to warm up a little before use rather than using them straight out of the refrigerator.

How long will the drops be good for?

Our current batch is fresh through the end of August 2020. The drops should be used within 2 weeks of opening, and stored in a cool and dark place.

Proper Usage

How often should the drops be applied?

Some people find that using DipEye drops twice a day is sufficient to alleviate their symptoms. It is not yet known if applying them more frequently will lead to improved results. However, it is safe to use more often if needed.

Do I need to refrigerate the drops?

The drops can be kept at room temperature (15°C - 25°C, 59°F - 77°F). After opening, the drops should ideally be refrigerated to maintain sterility.

I wear contact lenses. Can I use DipyEye drops?

Yes, you can apply DipyEye drops BEFORE inserting your contact lenses. If your eyes feel blurry after applying DipyEye drops, wait a few minutes until it passes before inserting your lenses.


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